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Presentation on Human Trafficking: What Tennessee Judges Can Do About It.
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Attendance by a court team at the National Summit on Human Trafficking and the State Courts.

Collaborative staff developed a training for judges and presented during the statewide Tennessee Judicial Conference in March 2016. The conference was attended by roughly 180 judges from the criminal and civil courts.


Nashville Cherished Hearts Human Trafficking Intervention Court
Cherished HEARTS (Healing Enslaved and Repressed Trafficking Survivors) Human Trafficking Intervention Court was created in Davidson County through a collaboration between the court and District Attorney’s Office. This court was created in response to a clear social issue where victims of human trafficking were caught in a criminal cycle due to their traumatic experiences, criminal records and, for some, substance abuse disorder. This court is open to all women, men and transgendered victims of human trafficking and is one of the few trafficking courts in the country. The program is voluntary and runs 6 to twelve months as a deferred plea. When the victim completes the program successfully their charge may be dismissed and expunged at no expense.

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