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The Jurist: Human Trafficking in Pennsylvania – What Judges Need to Know
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Attendance by a court team at the National Summit on Human Trafficking and the State Courts.


Project Dawn Court
Project Dawn Court is Philadelphia’s problem-solving court designed for women with repeat prostitution offenses. It’s modeled on the nationally lauded Philadelphia Treatment Court, established in 1997 to reduce both drug possession recidivism rates and the cost of jailing drug addicts by providing rehabilitative services under close court supervision. Like Philly’s Mental Health and Treatment problem-solving courts, the goal of Dawn’s Court is three-fold: connect nonviolent repeat offenders with therapeutic and re-entry services; make the community safer by reducing recidivism of a particular crime; and lessen the financial burden of taxpayers paying to keep minor offenders in jail.

WRAP Court
The Working to Restore Adolescents Power (WRAP) Court is a court program of the First Judicial District Family Court Division that seeks to provide alternatives to criminalization for minor victims of sex trafficking by providing specialized trauma-informed treatment to victims in the least restrictive and most holistic environment. Children who have been arrested and identified as victims of sexual trafficking are offered an opportunity to participate in WRAP through a pre-trial diversion program. The goal of the team, and the program, is to work collaboratively with the child to promote treatment, healing and restoration, and ensure the safety of the child victim in the least restrictive setting possible. Rather than adjudicating these children delinquent for crimes that directly result from their sexual exploitation, the WRAP program diverts the child from the adjudicatory system into the child welfare system, empowering them to heal and move away from their trauma.

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