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Attendance by a court team at the National Summit on Human Trafficking and the State Courts.


Columbus CATCH Court
The Changing Actions to Change Habits (CATCH) Court is a specialized docket in the Franklin County municipal court for defendants charged with prostitution, solicitation, loitering to solicit, or other offenses if the defendant has a history of being a victim of human trafficking. CATCH presents a non-adversarial rather than an exclusively punitive approach; in lieu of jail, referrals to treatments are made. At referral to the program by one of several court professionals, the request for entry is explained by the defense counsel and must be signed by the referring judge and/or administrative judge.

The 2-year intensive program emphasizes treatment for drug addiction, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder by connecting defendants to appropriate substance abuse and mental health facilities and social services resources and by teaching healthy lifestyle choices, including stable housing, supportive interpersonal relationships, and education

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