By Steven Weller of Center for Public Policy Studies, Judge Elizabeth Lee of San Mateo County California Superior Court, and Judge Dana Leigh Marks of National Association of Immigration Judges

  • the ethical issues judges might face in the adjudicative process and in extra judicial activities;
  • the ethical issues court managers and other court practitioners might face in human-trafficking involved cases;
  • exemplary ethics opinions; and
  • model codes that can serve as resources for addressing trafficking-related ethical concerns

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Chapter Overview:

85449254This chapter of the HT Guide addresses the underlying ethical concerns of judges and court practitioners in handling cases where human trafficking may be an issue. Specifically, this chapter details the major concerns that judges and court practitioners face; the implications of ethical issues for state courts, including the ethical issues that arise for judges in the adjudication process and in their extra-judicial activities; detailed steps that a judge may ethically take to assist a victim; selected judicial ethics opinions and detailed analysis of the more difficult ethical problems judges and court practitioners face; and additional resources for judges and court administrators who must respond to the distinct challenges of human trafficking-related cases.

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