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The Collaborative made a presentation titled “Immigration and Child Trafficking: Indicia and Options for State Court Intervention” at a training session for California State Court judges on Legal Issues Relation to Immigrant Children in State Court.
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Collaborative representatives provided labor trafficking and trafficking involving immigrant education sessions for judges and court practitioners at the annual meeting of the National Association of Women Judges help in California.

The Collaborative facilitated a forum on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) for five jurisdictions that served as learning sites for technical assistance provided by the Human Trafficking and the State Courts Collaborative.

Presentations on unaccompanied minors and labor trafficking at the annual meeting of the National Association of Women Judges in San Diego.

Attendance by a court team at the National Summit on Human Trafficking and the State Courts.


California: Human Trafficking Legislative Summary

In the Los Angeles Superior Court, the Court and Probation have partnered to provide referrals to specialized services for underage victims of sex trafficking. The genesis of the program was the noticeable increase in prostitution cases being filed in the delinquency courts, some carrying over to the dependency courts. A study of those cases confirmed that there was a demonstrated problem of sexual trafficking taking place among minors who were on the streets of LA County. Development of the Succeed Through Achievement and Resilience (STAR) Court was aimed at providing intervention and assistance to youth caught up in the perils of human sex trafficking.

Sacramento Multidisciplinary Juvenile Court
The Sacramento Juvenile Court has created a nationally-recognized trauma-informed and multidisciplinary court docket for youth who have been commercially sexually exploited.

Technical Assistance Technical Assistance

The Collaborative consulting team conducted site visits in the juvenile courts of five counties and provided advise to the courts on the issues arising in juvenile court cases involving commercial sexual exploitation of children.